Mad Scientists are saying…

Dracula Says
My dad is awesome and this is the best game ever!

– My kids


Frankenstein Says


I can’t remember the last time my kids and husband sat down to play a game and had a good time. Mad Scientist is a game we are sure to keep at the top of our must play list. Thank you for sharing it with us.

– Linda


Mummy Says
We played Mad Scientist last night and really liked it. The kids had fun and I lost. I like the game. Good job!

– Mike Smith

A conversation with a young Mad Scientist:

Her: Did you make Mad Scientist?
Me: Yes.
Her: Wow, it’s really cool. Can we play it again?
Me: Thank you. Not right now. Maybe later.
Her: Are you going to sell it in stores?
Me: Well, that’s my intention, yes.
Her: You’re going to make a lot of money…