Mad Scientist: the Game - Wolfman


From: ??

Favorite Song: Werewolves of London
Favorite Time of Day: Night
Favorite Activity: Howling at the moon

Allergies: Silver

Loves: Moonlight walks
Hates: The Dog Catcher and Hairballs

Ponders: Why is there a Dog Catcher and not a Cat Catcher?

How to build the Wolfman Labsheet:

Wolfman Labsheet

Wolfman Labsheet

Good Events for the Wolfman Bad Events for the Wolfman

Full Moon Event Card

Full Moon!

Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet!

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Mad Scientist: the Game - Swampman


From: The Black Lagoon
Summer home: Innsmouth MA

Favorite Author: H.P. Lovecraft
Favorite Movie: The Little Mermaid
Favorite TV show or series: Shark Week
Favorite Food: Seafood

Guest Cameo: Deadliest Catch

Attracted to: Shiny objects

How to build the Swampman Labsheet:

Swampman Labsheet

Swampman Labsheet

Good Events for the Swampman Bad Events for the Swampman

Swim Trunks

Swim Trunks!

Fish Sticks

Fish Sticks!

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Mad Scientist: the Game - Robot


From: The Laboratory

Favorite Numbers: One and Zero
Favorite Movie: Transformers
Favorite Activity: Computational Mathematics

Favorite Actor: The Robot from Lost in Space

Loves: When everything computes
Hates: Syntax Errors

Favorite Quote: I’m not a PC, so beat it Mac!

How to build the Robot Labsheet:

Robot Labsheet

Robot Labsheet

Good Events for the Robot Bad Events for the Robot

Mega Byte

Mega Byte!



Download the Robot Coloring Page


Mad Scientist: the Game - Mummy


From: Egypt
School Mascot: The Pharaohs

Favorite Shape: Pyramid
Favorite Weather: Sandstorm
Favorite Activity: Reading Heiroglyphics

Loves: Having everything all wrapped up
Hates: Loose Strings

Favorite Quote: De Nile is a river in Egypt!

How to build the Mummy Labsheet:

Mummy Labsheet

Mummy Labsheet

Good Events for the Mummy Bad Events for the Mummy

I Want My Mummy

I Want My Mummy!

Curse Of The Mummy

Curse Of The Mummy!

Download the Mummy Coloring Page


Mad Scientist: the Game - Frankenstein


From: Transylvania

Favortie Color: Green
Favorite Accessory: Nuts and Bolts
Favorite Weather: Thunderstorm
Favorite Activity: Picking flowers

Loves: Jokes that get him in stitches
Hates: Fire and Finding pants in his size

Future Goal: Finding a bride

Favorite Quote: That gave me quite a jolt!

How to build Frankenstein Labsheet:

Frankenstein Labsheet

Frankenstein Labsheet

Good Events for Frankenstein Bad Events for Frankenstein

It's Alive

It’s Alivve!

Power Surge

Power Surge!

Download the Frankenstein Coloring Page


Mad Scientist: the Game - Dracula


From: Transylvania
School Mascot: The Bats

Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Time of day: Sundown to Sunup
Favorite Activity: Being a pain in the neck

Allergies: Garlic, Sunlight and Stakes

Loves: Necking
Hates: Going to the Dentist and Neckties

Favorite Quote: I vant to suck your blood!

How to build Dracula Labsheet:

Dracula Labsheet

Dracula Labsheet

Good Events for Dracula Bad Events for Dracula

Fangs A Bunch

Fangs A Bunch!

Garlic Toast

Garlic Toast!

Download the Dracula Coloring Page